In What Area of Your Life Do You Feel Like a Failure? Have Hope.

by toinette2014

One of the lessons I learned early is that whatever you seem worst at is perhaps where an undiscovered talent lies. It is as though we deliberately ignore our talents and go out of our way to deny them. I discovered this about forty years ago when I was attending classes at the School of Practical Philosophy in New York City, and I was chosen to go to the London school for a week, learn the rudiments of a particular calligraphy discipline, and return to New York to teach it to the other students. At first I thought the person who had asked me to do this was out of her mind. I pointed out that I had the most dreadful handwriting in the whole group. But apparently that was one the reasons I had been chosen. And so I flew to London, devoted an entire week to calligraphy, and went on to be in charge of calligraphy in the New York school for many years, delighting in the forms of the letters and the spaces they described. (It did wonders for my calligraphy, but, unfortunately, nothing for my handwriting, which is execrable to this day).

I observed the same principle in action with another student who was very feisty and always causing problems. Eventually this man was asked to teach the class on a day when the tutor was absent, and he took it over as to the manner born. He never caused trouble in the class again.

So take a moment and consider where your talent might be hiding….

From Nothing Left Over