Are You a Complainer?

by toinette2014

Do you like to complain? Even though there is really no point in doing so, unless it is to someone who can remedy the situation.

Those that know me well are aware that I have an annoying habit: I complain a lot. This is something I know I need to work on, and I apologize now to all those friends to whom I should have apologized long ago. When we (read “I”) complain, it is because we believe that things should be other than they are. Who was it who said, “The rain falls equally on the just and upon the unjust, but the unjust has the just’s umbrella”?

If the computer has a conniption and you are put on hold by the techies for twenty minutes, that’s the way it is. Complaining about it upsets you, and it also upsets those who have to listen to your complaints, so what have you achieved? It does not solve anything.

In the end it all boils down to our attitude. If you eat nothing for two weeks, you could call it a fast, or you could see it as starvation. If you are confined to one room for several years, you could view it as a punishment or an opportunity. One of my favorite authors, Charles Morgan, was taken prisoner as a British naval officer during World War I and held captive in Holland for four years. He used the time away from the responsibility of earning a living to write a novel. He considered this period in his life a blessing and went on to write many more novels and win several prestigious literary prizes. Next time I am on hold, I need to remember this, and put the time to good use.

I have a friend who lives in Arizona who tells me he likes to come to New York City where he is constantly caught up in traffic. It gives him the chance to sit and meditate for a little while. This isn’t possible where he lives, because in the desert there are long stretches of road with no traffic lights and no chance to do anything but keep driving. He is the only person I know who seems to enjoy stopping at the lights.

From Nothing Left Over